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kid50 (Lead)
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About GeneJock
  The goal of the GeneJock Project is to produce an Open Source DNA sequence editor that is full-featured and stable, and which works on as many platforms as possible (right now, that means Linux and Windows, but we're designing for more).

  DNA sequence editors are among the most used software tools in molecular biology -- from the largest genome project labs to the tiniest private labs, DNA sequence editors are almost universally used to manipulate, analyze and view the volumes of DNA sequence information available today. Unfortunately, current editors range from ultra-expensive, swiss-army-knife solutions, to cheap (and often low-quality) pieces of software that provide only the barest of necessities for a molecular biologist.

  We hope to write a great piece of software for molecular biologists, and in the process, show the biology world that software doesn't have to cost thousands to work properly.

Latest News

December 14, 2000 (kid50): What the heck is going on around here?

  Well, so much for that "release around the corner" stuff, eh? =)

Things were delayed for a while when I left my job and went off to grad school. After moving halfway across the country, I've now settled in Seattle and have begun to reacquaint myself with the academic lifestyle. Since I've entered my program (in computational biology), I've become even more convinced of the need for something like GeneJock. So rest assured that the project isn't dead (just sleeping). I won't say when there's going to be a release of working code, but things are closer than they may seem. If you're interested and you've got the skills (and the time), I could use some help. Mail me if you're interested.

More News...

  If you're at all interested in molecular biology and/or computer science, we'd love to have your help. There are lots of things to be done, and we could make good use of your skills, coding or otherwise. If you're interested in helping out, we encourage you to check out the latest CVS tree and join the genejock-devel mailing list to make yourself known.

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