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kid50 (Lead)
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December 14, 2000 (kid50): What the heck is going on around here?
  Well, so much for that "release around the corner" stuff, eh? =)

Things were delayed for a while when I left my job and went off to grad school. After moving halfway across the country, I've now settled in Seattle and have begun to reacquaint myself with the academic lifestyle. Since I've entered my program (in computational biology), I've become even more convinced of the need for something like GeneJock. So rest assured that the project isn't dead (just sleeping). I won't say when there's going to be a release of working code, but things are closer than they may seem. If you're interested and you've got the skills (and the time), I could use some help. Mail me if you're interested.

May 6, 2000 (kid50): Genejock Goes GNU!
  Hey, ho, whaddya know...all genejock source code is now under the GNU GPL and LGPL licenses! For those who didn't already know, genejock was previously released under the MPL license. Since a decision was made to abandon the NSPR runtime library for design reasons, the MPL license became inconvenient (mainly for its GPL incompatibility). The seqlib code is now licensed under the GNU LGPL, and the (future) genejock editor code will be released under the GNU GPL.

May 5, 2000 (kid50): Windows seqlib build
  A windows build mechanism for seqlib is now in CVS, along with a number of code changes. Things are starting to move along...a release is on the horizon, methinks...

The linux/unix build requirements are the same as before. The Windows build has been successfully performed on Windows 98 with Visual C++ 5.0. It should probably work with any Win32 OS and/or Visual C++ 6, but no promises (yet).

April 24, 2000 (kid50): Something Real.
  For the first time, the SeqLib code in CVS builds using autoconf and automake. While there isn't a lot of functionality yet, a good framework is in place. The code has been built successfully under Linux with the following configuration:
  • RedHat Linux 6.1
  • GCC 2.95.3 (although anything 2.95.2 or higher should work)
  • Standard Template Library that comes with GCC 2.95.3 (again, 2.95.2 should work)
  • Autoconf 2.13
  • Automake 1.4
A Windows build configuration is being developed. News at 11.

  If you're at all interested in molecular biology and/or computer science, we'd love to have your help. There are lots of things to be done, and we could make good use of your skills, coding or otherwise. If you're interested in helping out, we encourage you to check out the latest CVS tree and join the genejock-devel mailing list to make yourself known.

Last modified: Tue Dec 19 01:23:14 MST 2000